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Lazy Sunday with Tulip the dawg



Bad art girl club for all my girls who stay up into the dead of night working, for all my girls who turn their heart ache and pain into something beautiful to help others, for all my girls who support each other instead of tearing each other down and talking behind each other’s backs, for all my girls who stand up to those who try and tell them that what they do isn’t special and worthwhile, for all my girls who offer help to those just starting out and all my girls who learn from their mistakes and know how important it is to try.

Art isn’t a competition, it’s not about being better than the person standing next to you, it’s about standing together and making it happen for everyone

Heres a big list of ladies whose art i admire and who inspire me to be a bad art girl every day. in no particular order, i thought it was worth mentioning a few of the people who i see working hard and who make the art community a warmer and more welcoming place. check them out if you haven’t already, i hope theres a few on the list that you may not have been aware of otherwise xo

Mel Stringer
Kelly Bastow
Hellen Jo
Miso -  Stanislava Pinchuk
Melissa Grisancich
Emma Wisenekker
Adrianna Mammino
Phoebe Paradise
Susanna Rose Sykes
Cat Rabbit
Julia Tryballa
Gemma Topliss
Zoe Vyner Kasif
Katie Boyles
Tallulah Fontaine
Gemma Flack
Ashley Ronning
Sarah McNeil
Ines Estrada
Katie Skelly
Jenn Woodall
Natali Martinez


New pieces. Gunna be updating more regularly v soon!! New pieces. Gunna be updating more regularly v soon!!

New pieces. Gunna be updating more regularly v soon!!

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Shirt design for Sonic Masala Fest! 

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